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You like the look of a pierced ear, but you do not want to engage in the pain or permanence of a real drilling. So opt for these clip earrings, easy to pose or remove, without having to go through the drilling stage and so you won't need to have the ears pierced to look cool!


Earrings man steel cross and chain pendant color to choice

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Earrings Man Creoles Stainless Steel Plate Silver with Clips

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We dare the man earring. Once only for women, earrings are masculinized. They are in a dark or shiny complexion and are paired or alone. The most famous styles are diams, steel, silver, gold plated, zircons, etc. An earring brings a touch of glamour to a masculine outfit. Men's earrings are a matter of preference for man. Earrings are not only a fashion for men, but they also give a great sense of balance and power. It is also an ideal accessory for every day.

There are different types of earrings for men. You can find nails and earrings that can be attached to the ear. You can also find clips and clips with small stones or beads. You can find them in stainless steel. You can find earrings with small stones that are embedded in the metal. Discreet and trends, our man earrings multiply surprises. Deeply dark shades with bright light shines, discover a collection of earrings entirely dedicated to men!

Who said men didn't wear jewelry? In the past women's blossoming, the earrings have become a fashion jewel in the reach of men. Privileging the sober shapes and the united contrasts, they will classify the style of modern man. Let her be your outfit, find the pair that suits you! Black and chic or bright light? Models are available for all tastes, with or without zirconium oxide stone.

Here are the main types of earrings:

  • Clip earrings (creoles)

The earrings with clips more commonly called creoles appear in the form of a closed circle that clips. When the ring is articulated, it consists in two half-lunes. In addition, choosing earrings with clips remains a matter of personal taste. So if you prefer a gothic or rock style, you can opt for a model adorned with a cross-shaped pendant. Whether it's an earring with a cross pendant or a round earring decorated with a cross, our wide range will make it easier for you when it's time to refresh your style while displaying your true personality.

  • Earrings with ear nails (cloth clasp)

The nail earrings are the most popular among male clients. This type of earrings has a circular or rectangular front face that can be decorated, or not. We also offer more eccentric ear nails for those who desire it. Earrings have the advantage of allowing you to wear earrings in any discretion. For a chic look, black stones or zirconium are highly recommended. Earrings for the most sold man are those with a diameter of 5mm.

  • Fake earrings without drilling

First of all it is necessary to know that it is not necessary to have the pierced ear to wear earrings. Although it is a sign of modernity and that more and more men do it, wearing an earring requires a certain habit. Therefore, a first pair of false earrings will allow you to go on good bases and see if you wear them, without having to get your ear pierced.

Whatever your outfit, find the pair that suits you! It's up to you to choose which ones you like!


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