Men's biker bracelets / bracelets

Men's leather strap four rows of blue color clasp black steel

Rings / Wedding rings

Engagement ring Alliance Femme Homme en Acier Doré Gold Finition Mate Brossée 6mm...

FR 49-50 (US 5) FR 51-52 (US 6) FR 54-55 (US 7) FR 57-58 (US 8) FR 59-60 (US 9) FR 62-63 (US 10) FR 64-65 (US 11) FR 67-68 (US 12) FR 70-71 (US 13)

A small price alliance!

Discover this symbolic alliance made of stainless steel with a comfortable and natural feel on your hand.

Necklace and pendant

Necklace Damier Cross Pendant Men Black Steel Chain Inclusive

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