Founded in 2008, MENBIJOUX has the vocation to emphasize and enhance the elegance of man by stainless steel jewelry dedicated exclusively to the masculine gente. Why are we heading for men's jewellery? A very limited choice of men's jewelry in traditional jewellery, high prices and opening times often unsuitable for working people.

It is first and foremost on the famous platform "eBay" that the adventure began then naturally and quickly the site saw the day in 2012 to offer even lower prices and expand our catalogue of men's jewellery. We can say that manbijoux remains one of the first precursors of men's stainless steel jewellery. The 316L stainless steel was the material of the predilection of the Manbijoux jewelry.

Why stainless steel? There are many reasons to be directing and specializing in this matter. In addition to its low price and the fact that it is totally hypoallergenic due to the absence of nickel, it is its stainless properties that make it a remarkable material.

-Our 316L stainless steel is hypoallergenic that is to say that they do not cause allergic reactions, which is why you can buy our jewelry with confidence.

-Our jewelry is "inoxidable": it means they will not rust, they will be resistant to water, sweat, makeup and even cosmetic products. Steel does not blacken the skin. Time will never be the enemy of steel.
We know these jewels that worm the fingers, it is often jewelry made of brass, copper, zinc, silver 925 and other low-end alloys...

-In addition, our stainless steel jewellery does not require any particular maintenance in comparison to certain precious metals. For example, silver 925 jewellery blackens with time and solid gold jewelry deforms when they are not thick enough.

-And finally last advantage and not least, stainless steel is fully compatible with gold, gold laying is done by spraying on a jewel placed under vacuum. This process also allows for an irreproachable quality of gilding, ensuring high resistance and a superb shine. This is why we offer an extensive range of gold-plated stainless steel jewelry in fine gold.

Because every day we are exposed to stress, we offer a wide range of anti-stress rings stainless steel. The rotary movement allows you to concentrate and channel nerve or excessive energy to avoid habits such as snoring nails or skin, which are common in people with stress or anxiety.

A steel jewel is a jewel for life and all at a lower price!

Titanium is also part of the materials we can boast of in the world of men's jewellery. The titanium is perfectly customizable in color, style, design... hence our wide range of titanium rings for men. Titanium has the strength of stainless steel without density and weight. Indeed, titanium rings are two less heavy than steel and are more comfortable. They are therefore perfect to wear as an alliance or as an engagement ring for men and even for women.

Tungsten has been considered as a "metal model" in the jewelry industry for about ten years, because once they were not available for the market. That is why we offer a wide choice of tungsten jewelry . His great strength lies in his longevity, because of his strength and resistance, relative to silver, gold and platinum. Tungsten jewellery does not deteriorate and requires no maintenance because this material is recognized as the hardest material on the planet. Tungsten jewellery will always keep their appearance and shine longer than any other material. If you want to know more about this matter, discover our blog post: Tungsten baths for men .

And because manbijoux is constantly growing, we have expanded our range of men's jewellery but not that, since our range of men's jewelry jewelry for woman now has more than 400 products. If you want a trendy or refined gem, then ladies, mahogany will offer you the jewel in the image of your personality.

Whether it’s on Christmas, for a birthday, for the Father’s Day or simply for an unexpected pleasure, we’re all looking to find an original and unique gift that comes out of the ordinary and that will mark points with the blessed elect. Offering jewelry is a classic alternative that never disappoints. Whether it’s a stainless steel ring, a leather bracelet or a pair of stainless steel earrings, the choice is wide. On your men's online shop, you will find a wide choice of jewelry ideal for all occasions.

For a more unique gift, think of a personalized jewel! Generally speaking, for women or men, the personalized gift always makes its small effect! This is why we make available to you the majority of our jewellery, the ability to customize them by engraving. Indeed, on the models allowing it, an offer of engraving will be offered to you. Do not hesitate to make your jewel unique by adding your names, a symbol and/or date of marriage or meeting. A engraved jewel is the ideal jewel to witness his love or friendship. We offer you for 12€ only, the possibility of making an internal or external engraving on the majority of our rings, knights, bracelet and pendants. In this way, the jewel will be personalized and will be a unique present.

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To buy quality men's jewelry with confidence, you have to choose the online store Manbijoux!

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