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The nail earrings are practically the reference for male earrings, and they are just as popular only rings. The stroller is the classic clasp type, used most often on the ear nails.

Safe choice for beginners man ear nail is easy to wear, versatile, but mostly discreet. In addition, the ear nail is the male jewelry ideal for anyone looking for a simple, subtle and elegant look. Often, the rod used is fine enough to fit any piercing or ear lobe hole. To bring them even more elegance, many of our ear nails are decorated with zirconium stone of round or square shapes. It'll be up to you!

Everything stainless steel ear nails we offer, are solid and durable, scratch-resistant and have attractive polishing and finishing options. In addition, we sell them at very attractive prices, so enjoy in.

By choosing an earring, you're sure not to make a style mistake! We are convinced that you will find your happiness on our online jewelry shop!


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