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Men's triple row bracelet in brown leather and natural tiger's eye stone

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Men's five-row leather bracelet with natural tiger's eye beads and steel clasp

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Men's multi row leather bracelet with natural blue beads and steel clasp

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Men's multi-row leather bracelet with gray natural beads and steel clasp

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Men's double row braided leather bracelet with natural tiger's eye stone

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You will find in this category all our bead bracelets for men. Most of us bead bracelets are composed of natural stone pearls, arranged on an elastic band or associated with leather or stainless steel. The bracelet beads for men is a very masculine model, easy to wear to his wrist. A bracelet that becomes less and less discreet and always makes its effect. Men's bracelets are mostly made of minerals. Here are the main natural stones we propose in bracelet for men :

  • the agate stone : known to be a stone of luck and anchorage, it is of rough appearance, and has a natural color bearing on shades of grey, or even soft blue. Agate promotes clearness, concentration and self-confidence to the wearer.

  • lava stone : This stone is linked to the chakra root to increase self-confidence, vitality but also brings peace, security and stability. The Lava Stone is also connected to the chakra of the solar plexus that reinforces the vital force, the digestive system and brings determination and dynamism.which can go grey or black, it has a multitude of small holes on its surface. The bracelet man stone lava bring strength and courage.

  • the eye of tiger : THE'tiger eye is a protected stone recognized for its powerful energies. It is often used to push back negative energies and protect its carrier. This stone is also known to build self-confidence and balance yin and yang energies. The bracelet man eye tiger eye add a wild look to your style.

Discover our heartburn  bracelet for men with tiger eye beads

To carry alone or combine with for example a leather strap bracelet beads has the advantages of being easy to combine and sold at prices, often, accessible. If you have a gift to offer soon to a man, the bracelet may be the right idea.

Once the bracelet is chosen, do not neglect the size of the recipient's wrist. If it’s a gift, go! If it already has a bracelet, it will be easy to get its size. When you wish to give a gift bead bracelet to a man, but you do not have the ability to measure the wrist of this person, know that on considers only the standard size of a bracelet for man is 20-21 cm long and the average wrist tower for a man is 18 cm. All wrists are different and therefore we also offer lengths ranging from 18cm to 25 cm to satisfy all customers.

If you use a paper strip, you can mark the overlap point with a pen, then measure the length using a rule on a flat surface. Once you know the measure of your wrist turn, think to add 1 to 3 cm so that your bracelet is not too tight. It is usually recommended to add 1 cm for a adjusted size of the bracelet. So that the bracelet is a little looser, then add 2 cm. And if you want it to be a little more loose then add 3 cm


In this example in image the overlap point is 19cm, the wrist tower is 19cm. Then choose one 20 to 22 cm bracelet so he doesn't shake you too much.

By choosing a men's leather strap, it's the assurance not to make any mistakes in style! We are convinced that you will find your happiness on our online jewelry shop!


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