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Discover all styles or chains for men that we currently offer in our men's jewelry shop. We specialize in the production of 316L surgical steel chains, the most resistant steel used in jewellery.

Different types of chain stitches for jewelry

You will have the pleasure of discovering all the main mesh available on the market: from the coffee chain to the gourmet chain, to the Cuban mesh chain or the classic figaro mesh. Models offered in different lengths and widths so that, whatever your morphology and budget, you can find your happiness.


Maille Figaro

Also called gourmette alternée, the Figaro mesh is similar to the mesh horse since it is also made of aerated rings with an alternation of 3 small sts between each large mesh. Considered also more masculine, the Figaro chain offers types of solid or semi-massive stitches that we strongly suggest for its strength and durability. Figaro stainless steel for men is probably one of the most popular in the world.

Maille Cubaine

Legendary on the hip-hop scene, the cuban chain for men stands out from the rest of the chains and holds its Latin name for several decades thanks to its popularity with the Cubans of Miami. The Cuban chain has oval links that cross in a string pattern, a little like the gourmet but tighter. The Cuban channel is popular among great artists, including Jay-Z, Usher, DJ Khaled.. If you enjoy the classic freshness, this chain is made for you. Cuban links are available in a variety of different weights, thicknesses and lengths, so they are an excellent way to display and highlight your best pendants.

Maille Coffee Seed

Very characteristic, the chain in mesh grain coffee is composed of links that resemble rather large small beans, connected to each other by small rings. The coffee grain link is a jewelry design that has been used for centuries. It is said that this mesh was created from the inspiration of the grain of coffee, hence its name. The stainless steel grain chain can also be worn with pendants.

Venetian pouch

The Venetian chain is intimately linked to the city of Venice and its historical and artistic heritage. It was popularized in the 18th century by the Venetian craftsmen, who made it from gold and silver to make luxury jewelry for nobles and rich merchants. Today the Venetian chain is considered a symbol of finesse and refinement. It is made up of cubic links that rob each other. The Venetian mesh also bears the name of the cubic chain. This type of chain mesh does not make in the rigging but the chain remains all elegant that it is worn adjusted to the neck or lower.

Maille Chenille

Original but not flexible, the mesh chenille is a succession of round buckles, alternately rounded, intermingling in symbiosis between each other. The Chenille mesh is similar to both the rolo mesh and the Venetian mesh. This chenille-effect string will snake on the skin with a lot of charm. The CHENILLE stainless steel chain can also be worn with pendants.


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