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Leather and Pendant Necklace Men Stainless Steel Plate Tribal Spiral Black Gravity...

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Men's Multirang Bracelet in Leather and Stainless Steel Plate Customize

Men's Bracelet Multi Rangs Genuine Leather And Lava Stones Steel Men's Bracelet Multi Rangs Genuine Leather And Lava Stones Steel 2
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copy of Men's signet ring brushed steel face round top... copy of Men's signet ring brushed steel face round top... 2
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copy of Men's signet ring brushed steel face round top 15mm customizable

FR 59-60 (US 9) FR 64-65 (US 11) FR 67-68 (US 12)
Multirang Leather Bracelet For Men Fermoir Magnet Steel 19cm Multirang Leather Bracelet For Men Fermoir Magnet Steel 19cm 2
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Bracelets / Curbs

Multirang Leather Bracelet For Men Fermoir Magnet Steel 19cm

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Marriage Ring Classic Women's Men's Steel Brush Finish Mate Silver 6mm Customized

FR 49-50 (US 5) FR 51-52 (US 6) FR 54-55 (US 7) FR 57-58 (US 8) FR 59-60 (US 9) FR 62-63 (US 10) FR 64-65 (US 11) FR 67-68 (US 12) FR 70-71 (US 13)
Infinite Noeud Leather Bracelet For Men with Clasp Magnetic Steel To Customize 19cm Infinite Noeud Leather Bracelet For Men with Clasp Magnetic Steel To Customize 19cm 2
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Bracelets / Curbs

Infinite Noeud Leather Bracelet For Men Fermoir Magnet Steel 19cm

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If jewelry for woman this is not always the case for men's jewellery. However, men also have the right to their precious, modern, trendy jewellery jewelry for man are a way of asserting one's personality and style. The jewelry for man can complete an outfit by highlighting your style that you are biker, fashion, bohemian. Within our collections, you will find all kinds of creations: chains, pendants, rings, wedding rings, knights, bracelets and gourmets for men.

Nos jewelry for man are offered in a multitude of materials such as titanium, ceramic, leather... And how do you not speak of our predilection material:'stainless steel 316L. In addition to the fact that it is totally hypoallergenic due to the absence of nickel, it is its stainless properties that make it a remarkable material for a very affordable price.

We also offer you a collection of tungsten jewelry. This material is not famous and yet it has amazing property. We will try to convince you because the strengths of this matter are countless. Know that tungsten matter is simply the most resistant in the world. Yes! Because it has the same density and weight as gold, but it is 10 times more resistant than silver and gold 18 carat and 4 times more resistant than titanium. In addition, tungsten resists scratches more than any other metal. Tungsten jewellery keeps their bright appearance as long as possible and are indestructible. And of course the price of this one is much more accessible and significantly less than gold. These are so many reasons why you should offer a tungsten jewel or offer it as a gift to a person who is dear to you.


  • Stainless steel man ring

You wish to offer you quality styled rings at small prices! Alternative to traditional gold and silver models, we offer a wide range of steel man rings. These will allow you to improve your style without ruining yourself. Solid and durable, steel rings easily take any form to stick to your style. Choose a stainless steel ring so you don't have to worry about discoloration, tarnishing, rust or the fact that your finger is freezing... and even when you sweat. Discover our selection of stainless steel rings black, blue, silver, gold for men and find the one that will tell your story.

  • Titanium man ring

Titanium is a relatively new material in the world of men's jewellery. Men's titanium rings are extremely durable. They are more difficult to scratch than steel and very resistant to corrosion and are very comfortable. Titanium has the strength of stainless steel without density and weight. In fact, titanium rings are two less heavy than steel. They are therefore perfect to wear as an alliance or as an engagement ring for men and even for women.

  • Tungsten man ring

Tungsten has been considered as a "metal model" in the jewelry industry for about ten years, because once they were not available for the market. But in recent years, they have gained enormous popularity in the United States and recently in Europe thanks to the jewelry industry which has now introduced this material fully into their offers and especially to its many strengths.

Its great strength is its longevity, due to its strength and durability, compared to silver, gold and platinum. The tungsten jewelry they don't deteriorate and they don't need any maintenance because this material is recognized as the hardest material on the planet. The tungsten jewelry will always keep their appearance and shine longer than any other material. If you want to know more about this matter, discover our blog post: Tungsten baths for men. Discover a wide choice of tungsten man rings in our shop, there are for all tastes.

  • Horses

Our men's online jewelry shop offers a complete range of men's knights. The knight is a jewel that knows how to be noticed and imposes it. Considered once as a jewel of heritage or a jewel of value, the knight has become an indemodible jewel with more minimalist and discreet models. Discover our wide range of knights for men without further delay.

INFO: The majority of our men's rings can be customized. Indeed, on the models allowing it, an offer of engraving will be offered to you. Feel free to make your ring unique by adding your first names, a symbol and/or date of marriage or meeting.

One engraved ring is the ideal jewel to bear witness to his love or friendship. In addition to the fact that our rings have a very low price compared to a jewelery, we offer for 12€ only the possibility of making an internal or external engraving on the majority of our rings. In this way the ring will be customized and will be a unique with the important date of your life: meeting, wedding anniversary...


Just like the rings, the bracelets are jewelry very appreciated by men. That's why your jewelery online wanted to offer you a wide choice of models adapted to all desires and budgets.

  • Male leather strap

The leather bracelet man is a very masculine model, easy to wear to his wrist. A jewel that becomes less and less discreet and always makes its effect. In a more casual suit or outfit, it will adapt and elegantly complete your style. We offer you different colors and sizes, so that each of you finds the one that suits him.

  • Gourmette steel man

The men's steel gourmet is recognized in the field of jewellery to be extremely resistant and especially unalterable. Yes steel is much stronger than silver or gold, a stainless steel bracelet will retain its gloss and polish for years. In addition, men's stainless steel bracelets are resistant to rust, tarnishing, wear, rain, snow and even sweat.
You will enjoy the wide variety of gourmets or stainless steel bracelets present in our shop.

  • Bracelet man pearl

Natural stone like the tiger eye, our men's bead straps emphasize comfort. We have in stock unique size bracelets made using elastic cords and bead straps aligned to metal wires available in many different sizes. We use only natural stone so that each bracelet is unique. Just like your story.

INFO: Our selection custom bracelets is particularly large in steel, and the models have plates with a wide choice of colors, patterns and stitches. Most of our gourmets can be personalised. A first name or date are often classic engravings but it is possible to engrave what you want, it is you who decide!


Long stereotyped, earrings have always been considered to be jewelry for women. Of course, this somewhat narrow thinking is no longer relevant today. The earrings men bring a touch of charm to the male gente, ensuring a rebellious but chic look at a time. Of course, you also have to choose the type of earrings to wear so that they marry perfectly with your look. Here are the main types of earrings:

  • Clip earrings (creoles)

The earrings with clips more commonly called creoles appear in the form of a closed circle that clips. When the ring is articulated, it consists in two half-lunes. In addition, choosing earrings with clips remains a matter of personal taste. So if you prefer a gothic or rock style, you can choose a model decorated with a cross-shaped pendant.

  • Earrings with ear nails (cloth clasp)

The nail earrings are the most popular among male clients. This type of earrings has a circular or rectangular front face that can be decorated, or not. We also offer more eccentric ear nails for those who desire it. Earrings have the advantage of allowing you to wear earrings in any discretion. For a chic look, black stones or zirconium are highly recommended. Earrings for the most sold man are those with a diameter of 5mm.

  • Fake earrings

First of all it is necessary to know that it is not necessary to have the pierced ear to wear earrings. Although it is a sign of modernity and that more and more men do it, wearing an earring requires a certain habit. Therefore, a first pair of false earrings will allow you to go on good bases and see if you wear them, without having to get your ear pierced.

Whatever your outfit, find the pair that suits you! It's up to you to choose which ones you like!


We have a wide range of stainless steel chains. The real gold is a very fragile material and therefore a gold necklace will never have the strength of the steel, making it sensitive to deformations and scratches. Choose from our different types of stitches, materials and sizes.

If there's a chain to have in his jewelry collection, it's the coffee grain chain man. I 'm sorry . The channel Figaro is the most popular mesh and remains a most appreciated gift.

With a growing selection of necklaces for men in stainless steel and leather as well as pendant chains and to cross, we will have jewelry for man the original design that will meet all your needs.


Once you have selected your chain, what better to add a pendant to bring a more personal touch. And there are many possibilities since your shop manbijoux offers an expanded range. Our advice is simply to ensure that the whole is consistent.

The purpose of a pendant is to tell a little bit of your story or your personality. However, it is necessary to have in mind that some pendants have a particular meaning like those in the form of cross whose meaning speaks of itself. We also offer military personnel.

Discover without further delay jewelry cheap man with a wide choice jewelry for man which will allow you to find the ideal gift for a Father's Day, a birthday or a Christmas present. Our man jewelry reveals their sense of modernity. A man, a jewel, a jewel for you.


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